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  • The transport and logistics World
    at your fingertips is the most innovative transport and logistics platform, ensuring an access to
    to free loads, vehicles, warehouse area, and tenders all over Europe.
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    We give you the ability to integrate your software with the mechanisms of our service.
    Manage your business in innovative way!
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    Huge possibilities
    at a minimal price
    The subscription for using starts from 33 € monthly.
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Welcome to the most advanced transport and logistic exchange in the world.

  • It is more than a transport and logistic platform. It is the highest efficiency based on modern technologies and features.

  • It is an excellent online platform ensuring time and money savings for companies in practically every branch.

  • Start testing today. Absolutely for free, no hidden costs and without obligations. Just register.

We invite you to watch our video-presentation showing
the functionality of transport and logistics exchange

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HEIPEX cloud operates solely in a cloud computing.

One comprehensive solution that will fully satisfy every customer. is a transport and logistics exchange, which is located in the "cloud" (cloud computing), without need to download a software, compatible with any device (smartphones, tablets and all operating systems), including chat and video calls. The platform is highly advanced technology of telematics system and it is simple to use. As a result, it optimizes work, saves time and money.


Why you should choose

  • The possibility to use HEIPEX on every device and system – starting with computer, up to tablets and smartphones.

  • An integrated communicator with the possibility of sending files, creating private chat rooms and video-calls.

  • Extremely intuitive user's interface - it will only take a few minutes to learn how to operate on our platform.

More informations

If your company has to deliver products, offers transport, forwarding or logistic services,
then is an appropriate platform to make your business quicker, in a safer way, and more efficiently.

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