• Transport companies / freight forwarders in the crisis?
  • Bankruptcy threatens or has already been applied?
  • Business operation ended or resolution planned?
  • Talk to an insider, such as, about the manyfold possibilities of customized solutions and exploitation tangible and intangible assets.
  • We create sufficient financial rooms especially in hopeless situations.

About us:

Transport companies and freight forwarders are constantly in phases of fundamental upheavals and new challenges. Strategic questions for the company as well as for owners go from the own product portfolio over the digitization up to new or adapted business models. The decisions made determine the winners and losers of the coming years. has been involved in the reorganization, restructuring and liquidation of small and medium-sized transport companies and freight forwarding companies since its founding in 2012. Et al We accompany companies in the event of imminent insolvency and bankruptcy by exploring all options. From the realignment of the company, to the admission of a partner, to the exploitation of tangible and intangible goods and assets.

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